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    [PORT][4.4.2][BLUE_GATE][STABIL][4-16GB]by ALEX JAGA

    here un alternative link https://mega.co.nz/#!Ogw1yYhS!U6UZ8VhNWCvXSp2FUpiG44oy8s7KuyfLrLTD5wCtyo8 where I uploaded the file
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    In settings->Apps->Running Visualization RAM free is wrong 475 MB used 1,6 GB free my device is 1Gb RAM
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    [4.4.2]1:1 Galaxy Note 4 ROM for General Mobile Discovery v1.1

    From recovery save the log and post it.
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    [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V3

    RE: [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V2  if you go in Phone->Settings->Voice Call->Call forwarding "Always forward' appears at the top and is not clickable. solved replaced /system/priv-apps/TeleService.apk from another ROM (legend v10 or iosp ROM) Bye
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    [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V3

    RE: [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V2 It seems that this problem that recurs in different ROM of this forum nobody cares, I'd like someone to answer and would confirm that there is, I still have solved by replacing  the file teleservice.apk  from other ROM.
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    [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V3

    RE: [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V2 Also this ROM like legend v11 e legend v12 has the Bug Voice Call - Call forwarding In "Call forwarding" is not possible to forward all calls to another number '"Always forward' appears at the top and is not clickable, look here...
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    [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V3

    RE: [4.4.2][EDİT]SPLENDİD ROM V2 Thanks you
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    [4.4.2][ART][AOSP] LegenD Rom V12

    I surrender to indifference !!!
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    [4.4.2][ART][AOSP] LegenD Rom V12

    RE: LegenD Rom V12 @bugra333 did you see the problem Call forwarding? reported here http://forum.turkdevs.com/konu-legend-rom-v12.html?pid=15707#pid15707