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[font='Open Sans', sans-serif][APP][2.1+] RAM Manager

Bu uygulamamız telefonunuzun ramini kontrol etmenize yarar 
içerisinde gelen hazır ayarlar ile   ram kullanımızı optimize edebilirsiniz 
Detaylar için uygulamanın Google Play linkine bakın 

not: uygulama için Root Gereklidir.

[font=Hind, sans-serif]FEATURES[/font]
  • Dashboard
    -Memory graph
    -Memory info
  • RAM tuner
    -RAM tuner
  • Extra
    -Lock launcher in memory (Prevents your launcher from being killed)
    -Clean memory
    -Drop caches (Cleans page cache, dentries and inodes)
    -VM Heap size
    -Swap file
  • Widget

[font=Hind, sans-serif]WHAT THIS APP AFFECTS[/font]
  • OOM_ADJ (Out of memory)
    -Every process has value which gives the kernel a hint, which process it can kill in an OOM (out of memory) situation.
  • LMK (Lowmemorykiller)
    -Works with your applications in memory. It affects your multitasking and free memory. But Android works with memory differently than you may be accustomed. Android needs to have running applications in foreground because of fast switching between your applications. It means that it's not good if you have too much more free memory. Your system gives you so much memory as you need.
  • VM (Virtual Machine)
    -VFS cache pressure
    -Dirty expire centisecs
    -Dirty writeback centisecs
    -Dirty ratio
    -Dirty background ratio
    -Min free KBytes
    -OOM kill allocating task

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