[How-To][Guide] Add root and adb access to your Kernel(boot.img)

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Hey fellows,

if you want to add root and adb access to your kernel. follow that guide ;)

In this OP i wont mention about how to decompile your boot.img. Just google it and there are tons of tutorials how to use cynwig ;)

Thanks to Orochi™ :sigaraiciyor: 

Download this package: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kkkwg35gpq1okei/Orochi_boot_Root.rar

Lets Start ;) 

1. Decompile your boot.img by using cynwig and module android kitchen

2.  Go to BOOT-EXTRACTED/boot.img-ramdisk and at the same time open zip that you have downloaded

copy all those from the zip:




paste them to BOOT-EXTRACTED/boot.img-ramdisk folder and replace all.

3. Go to BOOT-EXTRACTED\boot.img-ramdisk\sbin and at the same time open your zip that you have downloaded

copy that file from the zip:


paste it to BOOT-EXTRACTED\boot.img-ramdisk\sbin  and replace it.

4. Now open init.rc file with notepad++ 

paste that code at the last line of the init.rc

# Include extra init file
    import /init.orochi.rc

save init.rc

5. compile your new boot.img ;) ​
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