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  1. na6r3apre

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    Hello to every body here.
    Can any one here speak English to help pleas, I have General mobile 4G, I'm getting an update notification " system update available Android 5.1.1 system update " . I always getting error when i download the update and installing it. my mobile is rooted but still using the original kernel and recovery.
    Any suggestions or any one have the some problem.
  2. Lptrex

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    if u rooting ur device u cant take update
    we cant do anything
  3. erendv

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    you need to install stock rom to our device or send it to service and have them install for you. Stock Rom is not available yet some users try to do it by themselves yet it is not that efective and applicable easily. I have the same problem and am waiting for google to distribute stock rom. For now, nothing can be done to install updates if your phone is rooted other than waiting for a stock rom
  4. theeteempire

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    Some one on other fourm (XDA ) told that he was make ota update after he get a status 7 problem , I don't know how ! , but when I know if that is true I will tell you my bro , I have the same problem too .
  5. Tmp341

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    Iphone 7 128GB
    Could it be a location problem?
  6. na6r3apre

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    Thnx to u all for ur reply, one quistion did anyone tried to hared rest the phone ane installing the update, dose that will work?
  7. bugra333

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    OnePlus 5
    No, install stock ROM

    Look this thread :
  8. na6r3apre

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    Thnx alot #bugra 333
    Can u please just explain the steps in english.
    Also is this stock rom acceting update.

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