Question about Storage fix for Kitkar

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  1. Bernard Teorica Marquez

    Kayıtlı Üye Kayıtlı Üye

    Good morning guys.. Does anyone have a fix for storage wrong info? I am facing a bug in storage info..any kitkat rom i ported has a dif. Issues on storage info...

    Thank you if someone can tell me how to fix..

    I hope this file will help you.This is for our device.if you change vold file at system/bin/ in your phone, your storage will be OK.
  3. Bernard Teorica Marquez

    Kayıtlı Üye Kayıtlı Üye

    What unit do u have?? Is that for stock rom sir??
  4. I took it from a custom rom.if you want to fix your memory problem take vold file from any working custom rom

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