[KERNEL] Project T - Custom Kernel for ZenFone 2

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Z550ML İçin: http://forum.xda-developers.com/zenfone2/development/kernel-project-t-zenfone-2-ze550ml-t3160785

Test Edilen Cihaz : [font=Hind, sans-serif] ZE551ML 4GB 2,3GHz. [/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Özellikler: [/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Features:[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Based on Zenfone 2.19.40 kernel source (completely from scratch)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Fixed interactive governor (bug in stock ROM)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Added the following CPU governors (got some of them from @jamison904, all credits to him): [/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- Lionheart[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- Bioshock[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- ConservativeX[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- Yankactive adapted to ZF2[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Added IO schedulers: [/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- sio[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- zen[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- vr[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- fifo[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- sioplus (credits to @boype, fixed afterwards for zf2 by me)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]- fiops[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Set readahead of int./ext. sd card partitions to 2048KB by default[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Selinux permissive[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]init.d support (creates directory if it doesn't exist!)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]exfat support (no fuse, all credits to @Dorimanx, automounting of devices fixed by @sorg)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]GPU clock [/font][font=Hind, sans-serif]unlocked[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] (not overclocked) - [/font][font=Hind, sans-serif]Attention: I'd advise you to use the init.d script in the download section to limit the GPU to 533MHz as 640MHz is highly unstable (overheating)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]ZRAM implemented[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Compiler optimizations to use sse instructions set up to 4.2[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]KVM support [/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]Some words about the currently implemented features:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]KVM[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]You need to insmod all modules with an init.d script or manually (see download section for an according script). Please note that I won't add the feature set as @ycavan is doing, as I am lacking the knowledge and also I don't want to overbloat the kernel, even if KVM is triggered via insmodding modules. If you need special features which this kernel might be missing, feel free to request it/them, but I won't guarantee that it will be implemented at all[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]init.d[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]The way I implemented init.d is sweet, simple and won't be recognized by ANY third party app which implements init.d![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]I use the my own script which is already located on the ramdisk of the boot partition and added just a few lines, which check if init.d already exists and creates it if not (and will execute the scripts in there otherwise of course). [/font][font=Hind, sans-serif]So please don't install any more init.d enabler as you will have every script executed twice then![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]
[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]ZRAM[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]
[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]You need to activate ZRAM via init.d script (see download section) as it is turned off by default, to make it more universal for the ZF2 users with 4GB as they really don't need to compress data before storing it into RAM as for the 2GB users.[/font][/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]What most likely won't be implemented (missing knowledge, no testing tools):[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Overclocking (CPU and GPU)[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]Undervolting[/font][/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kurulum:[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]1st pre-requisite: Unlock your Bootloader[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]2nd pre-requisite: BACKUP!!![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Method 1:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]BACKUP!!![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Download the zip from the DL link below and extract the img file[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Place the img file on your internal SD[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Flash it through TWRPs "Install zip" function, by clicking on "Images..." on bottom right and then selecting "Boot" as destination[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Reboot and you're done![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Method 2:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]BACKUP!!![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Download the image file and place it in the directory of your adb binary[/font]

adb push <nameofimg>.img /sdcard/
adb shell
cd sdcard
dd if=./<nameofimg>.img of=/dev/block/by-name/boot

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Method 3:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]BACKUP!!![/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Download the image file and place it in the directory of your fastboot binary[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Boot into Bootloader mode[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Issue the following commands:[/font]

fastboot flash boot <nameofimg>.img
fastboot reboot

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Method 4 (thanks to @[/font]
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[font=Hind, sans-serif] )[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]BACKUP!!![/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]Download the zip and flash it via TWRP[/font][/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]


[font=Hind, sans-serif]İndirme Linki:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]
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[font=Hind, sans-serif][font=Hind, sans-serif]DevDB Information[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif][KERNEL] Project T - Custom Kernel for ZenFone 2, Kernel for the Asus ZenFone 2[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Contributors[/font]

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[font=Hind, sans-serif] [/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Source Code:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] [/font][font=Hind, sans-serif]
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[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kernel Special Features:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] More governors, 2048KB read-ahead for storage partitions, init.d support, exfat[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Version Information:[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Status:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] Beta[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Current Beta Version:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] 0.46_interactive_tou[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Created[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] 2015-07-05[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]KAYNAK: http://forum.xda-developers.com/zenfone2/development/project-t-custom-kernel-zenfone-2-t3150822[/font]