[LP/MM Kernel 3.4.110] [UBER5.2] 777 Kernel [D85x/F400/LS990/VS985] [R22] [AnyKernel]


Aktif Üye
[font=Hind, sans-serif]777jon’s Custom Kernel for AOSP Based Roms![/font]

/*  *** Disclaimer
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, 
* or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research 
* if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
* BOOM goes the Dynamite

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Özellikler:[/font]
* Bumped
* Linux 3.4.110
* -O3 Optimized
* Latest CM12.1 g3 patches
* Latest Linux 3.4.x patches
* Universal Kernel Control Support (Integrated into Kernel ZIP)
* Synapse Support - Complete Kernel Control!
* Anykernel Ramdisk Format (Compatible with all ROMS)
* Compiled with latest Uber 5.2 Toolchain
* Sweep2sleep
* CPU Overclock to 2.88Ghz
* CPU Underclock to 268Mhz
* Powersuspend 1.5 by @faux123
* MSM_Hotplug, Intelliplug, and MSM_MPDecision (Bricked) all flavored by @neobuddy89
* MSM_Limiter by @neobuddy89 - More like a Swiss army knife! adds Per-Core Functionality!
* Alucard Touch Boost by @alucard_24
* Intelli-Thermal v2 by @faux123
* Intelliactive and IntelliMM from @faux123
* Impulse Governor from @neobuddy89 - Interactive when needed, Conservative when not!
* Alucard, Darkness, and Nightmare governors by @alucard_24
* Smartmax, Interactive, Slim, Conservative, IntelliMM, Intelliactive, YankActive, Impulse,
* ZZmoove, Powersave, Performance, Lionheart, Ondemand, Alucard, Darkness, Nightmare
* Live userspace sharpening control from @savoca
* KCAL_CTRL RGB driver (replaces LCD_KCAL)
* Sound Control Support
* Voltage Control Support
* Frandom
* FSync
* F2FS filesystem support
* NTFS filesystem support
* exFAT-nofuse filesystem support
* Kexec Hardboot Patch (MultiROM support)
* Adreno Idler
* Disabled IO Stats
* XZ Kernel Compression
* Arch Power
* Gentle Fair Sleepers (Disabled by default)
* Powerqueue efficient control

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kurulum[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]1. Boot into Recovery[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]2. (Recommended) Make a complete backup of entire rom [/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]3. Flash Zip[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]4. Reboot[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]İndirme Linkleri[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kaynak[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kernel Github[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Bilgiler[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]777 Kernel, Kernel for the LG G3 [/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Contributors[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]777jon[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Kernel Special Features:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] [/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif]Version Information[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Status:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] Stable[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Current Stable Version:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] R22[/font]
[font=Hind, sans-serif]Stable Release Date:[/font][font=Hind, sans-serif] 2015-12-05[/font]
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